Retour aux ambassadeurs

Andrew Westwood


Ville d'origine :

Ottawa, Ontario.

Rivières favorites :

Paquare River, Costa Rica.

Bateaux favoris :

The Edge Lite

Moment le plus mémorable sur l'eau :

Paddling tandem down the Upper Gauley River in West Virginia. The teamwork of paddling with a partner through Lost Paddle was a thrilling ride. With double the power of a solo canoe, and by synching strokes and reactions to the waves, we achieved a wonderful dry line. Though we shared the river with numerous rafts, kayaks, solo canoes and even some shredders, the tandem canoe was the most maneuverable and nimble craft on the water that day. I admit that I paddle solo 99% of the time, but maybe that is why tandem paddling the Gauley that day was so memorable.
Andrew Westwood