Retour aux ambassadeurs

Vincent Normandeau


Ville d'origine :

Labelle, Quebec

Rivières favorites :

Rouge river, Qc : for its diversity, 160km of anything from beautiful sandy beaches to class V rapids and waterfalls, I started teaching on this river 15 years ago and I still spend at least 80 days paddling various sections every year.

Bateaux favoris :

Esquif L’Edge of course! But the boat that really changed it all for me was the Detonator

Moment le plus mémorable sur l'eau :

20 years ago, as a teenager on a 20 days canoe-trip, I remember slowly back-paddling with my partner, entering a »difficult » class 3 rapids in my 16ft fiberglass canoe fully packed with our camping gear. As I dipped my paddle in the water to initiate a critical back ferry, everything became clear; the link between my body, my canoe, my paddle and the water appeared natural and the boat started moving effortlessly, with precision and predictability. It was the beginning of what would become more than a mean of transportation, but an overwhelming passion, growing stronger at every strokes.
Vincent Normandeau