Retour aux ambassadeurs

Bella Waterton


Hometown :

Owen Sud, Ontario.

Favorite rivers :

Mountain River, NWT.

Favorite boats :

17 ’Prospecteur.

Most memorable moment on water :

The first time I paddled down the Nahanni River in the NWT is one of my most memorable times on the water. I was excited and nervous at the same time. The landscape, history, immense canyons and the characteristics of a northern river were all new experiences to me. The immensity of Virginia Falls took my breath away. Paddling through 4th canyon is something I’ll never forget, the rumble of Virginia Falls in the background, the realization of scale as I approached the entrance of the canyon. The diversity of whitewater, canyons landscape and history makes the Nahanni a favourite of mine!
Bella Waterton
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